We hand make bath bomb moulds to order. When you place your order there may be up to 7 days before dispatch, depending how busy we are with exsisting orders. Once complete your order is dispatched with APC overnight service.

We post to the UK and to USA currently. Flat rate postage £5.50 UK and £8-£10 the rest of the world.. We dispatch every Monday using a 24 hour courier in the U.K. We are a part time business (my wife and I work full time elsewhere) so we make most of the moulds every Saturday and Sunday. Cut off for moulds is Sunday lunchtime so we have time to make and dispatch on the Monday. Any later than that you will unfortunately be on the following weeks dispatch.

All the moulds are either made from a 3D printed master or from a hand made clay master. Before they are advertised for sale, they are thoroughly tested by a commercial bath bomb maker (my wife!) and any adjustments made. I will not let a mould go on sale unless it is easy to use and perfect for other bath bomb makers.

Please note – we will not accept returns on moulds for user issues, if there is a defect in the mould we will replace if UK based or refund the rest of the world, but it is especially important that you adjust the “mouldability” of your mix for more intricate moulds with detail. Too wet and it will stick, too dry and detail will crumble – it’s all about the packing technique as well so please take time to experiment with new moulds.

Damage / errors will be replaced in the UK. Refunds will be issued for damage / errors elsewhere in the world. Please report any issues within 48 of receipt of parcel. bbjtrade@yahoo.com

Our moulds are made from the same material that a certain high street bath bomb store uses for their moulds so it is made to last. My wife has moulds that have serviced 1000s of orders so please take care of your moulds and they will last. It is important that you realise that they are not unbreakable, however and there are things you can do to increase their longevity –

wash out after every use – fragrance oils and essential oils will eventually eat your mould…..areas will become thinner and material will become more likely to crack when banging down on surface repeatedly. wash often and dry to remove all residue.

We have not put measurements for the moulds – we have found that bath bomb makers find it more helpful to display approx weight of bath bomb made with the mould, although most normal are betweem 7-12 cm and large up to 15cm. mini moulds are stated on their listings.

We hope you enjoy using our moulds – we plan alot more original hand made products so watch this space!